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Companies and Trusts provide business structures which ideally serve the ownership interests and beneficial entitlements for which they are designed. They are inherently complex, because they must provide for the broad range of operational and administrative requirements.

Because we live in an ever changing business environment, the constitutional requirements of these entities must continuously be kept in mind in changing business activities and arrangements. One size does not fit all for the entities and your corporate documentation must be specifically designed to meet your ongoing needs.

As registered entities, companies and trusts are subject to the regulatory requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, as well as the Taxation Department. Company Directors and Trustees are subject to strict rules of conduct with onerous responsibilities in regard to Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting and Secretarials.

There are significant issues around dividend and distribution strategies and obligations, shareholdings, beneficiaries, Employee Share Schemes, Taxation and a plethora of other items which are of huge importance.

There are great advantages to the proper conduct of your business under Company and/or Trust arrangements which can provide for the beneficial participation of many stakeholders.

Similarly there are onerous responsibilities and requirements on the officeholders of these entities, in addition to the normal difficulties of achieving successful outcomes from the day to day operations of your business.

The penalties for neglecting these responsibilities due to ignorance or lack of time can be dire, and in some cases, terminal for your business.

Whether you are a large business and can employ your own expertise, or a smaller company without this capacity, ITR can provide the expertise and support required to ensure that you are meeting your taxation and fiduciary requirements.

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