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Planning for retirement is not a short term activity to be conducted immediately before the event. The locking away of a small proportion earnings over the income years through superannuation and investments provides the security and lifestyle we desire for our retirement.  And the earlier we commence this plan, the better will be our retirement provision.

Through our knowledge of our clients business and financial arrangements, ITR as your accountant is in a privileged position to provide the financial data and planning inputs for the development of your retirement planning.

We will have already recommended tax minimisation strategies that involve superannuation, such as salary sacrifice, concessional and non concessional contributions and investment.  We will have you on appropriate investments such as property, which can provide opportunities for capital growth and wealth creation.

Our taxation advice will have ensured that you have complied with the complex and ever changing legal requirements for SMSF’s and other investment options.  And once you turned fifty years of age, we would have recommended the applicable transition to retirement arrangements to suit your circumstances.

And as a business owner wanting to sell your business and retire, there are once again many issues to be considered from a tax planning point of view which take advantage of the concessional capital gains tax and superannuation contribution arrangements for these circumstances.

Through our affiliate, Bronson Financial Services, ITR can seamlessly provide these inputs to development of your financial plans for retirement, and the ongoing maintenance of the plan for annual review with your financial planner.  Make no mistake, these are important issues.  A secure and comfortable retirement is your reward for a successful working life, and your long term financial planning facilitates this goal.

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