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The Tax Office has your PAYG tax.  It has been taken out of your salary and wages by your employer throughout the year.  However you are entitled to claim legitimate expenses incurred in earning this income.  You might be entitled to tax offsets and dependants rebates. You might be able to make superannuation contributions to offset tax or qualify for a superannuation co-contribution.

You may be lucky enough to already own an investment property or an investment portfolio.  You may have Foreign Service or overseas income, or you might be a member of an Employee Share Scheme and had shares or options issued, bought or sold during the income year.

You might be over 50 and looking to transition to your retirement over the remainder of your working life in the most tax efficient and income effective way possible.  Or you might be considering investment strategies to build wealth and prepare for the future

The Tax Guy has the expertise, products and services to meet your individual needs in whatever is required for your particular circumstances.  Make no mistake; these can be important and complex issues.

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Ask about our fixed price tax service. It’s ideal for tradies and sole operators.

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