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It is critical for long tern future to understand and assess the insurance and risk management profile of your business by implementing strategies to minimise and abate risk and hazard is part of the prudential management of your business.

We are not only talking of asset protection, there are legal obligations on all businesses and their officeholders to implement ongoing monitoring, reporting and review of the occupational health and safety of your day to day business activities.

A full assessment of all risks and exposures in your business and personal situation is essential to ensure that in the event of accident or misadventure, essential assets can be replaced, damage can be compensated and restitution made without compromising your ongoing business or personal situation.

Through our affiliate, Bronson Financial Services, ITR can provide our clients with innovative and cost effective insurance products and services.  With the right insurance plan in place, you can have the peace of mind and confidence that even if the unforeseen or unthinkable happens, you will be protected and your assets safeguarded against loss. Every customer is different, with different budgets, lifestyles, goals, financial risks and other factors, which continue to change across time.

ITR knows and understands their customers businesses and needs.  We can provide the necessary information and documentation to the Insurance Broker to ensure the best possible assessment of your needs.  Our insurance & risk management services provide high quality benefits at an affordable cost.  And this is a FREE service for our clients

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Contact the Tax Guy today and find out how we can help you. We can facilitate the risk assessment of your business and provide the necessary data and documentation for submissions to the insurance providers. We can also provide a FREE review of your current insurance arrangements and suggest avenues for improvement

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